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  • Freshwater Aquarium Source Coupon Pro  1751)   Freshwater Aquarium Source Coupon Pro 1.0
    Coupon Code Generating Software from the Freshwater Aquarium Source. This easy to use desktop application will guide you through the process of creating professional coupon codes for your prospective customers.

  • Sothink HTML Editor  1752)   Sothink HTML Editor 2.5
    Sothink HTML Editor Free Version (previous name is CutePage) supports code and visual editing modes as well as site management, built-in preview and file upload. Besides, it costs you $0.00 !

  • Image Cut split image  1753)   Image Cut split image 1.528
    With Image Cut you can split image into parts. Every part can be saved in JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP formats. Image Cut allows you to split image in different ways and layouts. Additional HTML file is created to merge all parts into single image again.

  • SurfStatsLive Standard Edition  1754)   SurfStatsLive Standard Edition 2011.1.1
    SurfStatsLive Reporting Service is a Windows 2000/2003/2008, Vista or 7 server-based web analytics product. Web Hosts and Service Providers can provide browser-based on-demand Website Statistics reports for clients

  • Excel2HTML Interactive  1755)   Excel2HTML Interactive 1.0
    Excel2HTML Interactive is a dramatically new type of export from Excel to the Internet. After exporting the program, data search and sort abilities are added to a plain HTML page.

  • seo guide  1756)   seo guide 2
    Be alive with seo guide.I want seo guide and I want it now.

  • adfactory1  1757)   adfactory1 1.1
    our free to you ad based software script No Copywriting knowledge necessary to run this software. In fact, Class Ad Factory V.1 will take you by the hand and will ask you each necessary question one step at a time.

  • autoarchive1  1758)   autoarchive1 1.1
    save time with our webbased archive tool, create your own site is incredibly easy to use. This web page is referred to as your "template".

  • CRE Loaded RSS Export  1759)   CRE Loaded RSS Export 5.8.9
    CRE Loaded RSS Export is a Contribution, which allows syndicate products from your CRE Loaded store to use popular syndication formats.

  • x-Cart PriceRunner Data Feed  1760)   x-Cart PriceRunner Data Feed 2.0
    x-Cart module, which would help you export easy your products into - one of the best Pay-Per-Click service. The website PriceRunner is a price comparison service launched in Sweden in 1999, and since bought by ValueClick.

  • AutoSiteGallery  1762)   AutoSiteGallery 2.00
    AutoSiteGallery is a time-saving software to create web-based photo albums. AutoSiteGallery can automatically create high-quality thumbnails, decrease images and convert them to JPEG, generate the linked HTML pages for thumbnails, etc.

  • osCommerce RSS Export  1763)   osCommerce RSS Export 5.8.9
    osCommerce RSS Export is a Contribution, which allows syndicate products from your osCommerce store to use popular syndication formats.

  • Send2Page Control  1764)   Send2Page Control 1.0
    Update web pages just by sending Email. This Asp.Net server control works with the free send2page service at Just give it the special send2Page email address then update its contents by sending HTML email to that address.

  • Textatize  1765)   Textatize 1.0.0
    Reach your customers to their mobiles. Download our free software and start up your mobile campaigns. Mobile marketing made easy!

  • Java file uploader applet  1766)   Java file uploader applet 1.2
    JavaPowUpload is cross platform client-side applet that can be used in a most browsers to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the server and files downloads from server to user machine over HTTP or FTP. Supports images upload.

  • SamplePage  1767)   SamplePage 2.3
    The most flexible and easy-to-use personal and corporate html editor with big suite of components, beautiful interface, personal page creating wizard... - practically free offer from MercurySoftworks.

  • Site Speed Tester  1768)   Site Speed Tester 1.0
    This tools is designed and made for one single purpose - to give you the average download speed of given web page

  • Tansee iPod Photo Copy Pro 3.10.1  1769)   Tansee iPod Photo Copy Pro 3.10.1 3.10.1
    Backup/download/transfer photos from ipod to computer. Tansee iPod transfer photo is the ultimate backup, recovery and sharing tool for your iPod Photos.

  • CSS Menu Studio  1770)   CSS Menu Studio
    Pluginlab CSS Menu Studio is a powerful standalone CSS menu design and publishing software platform. It streamlines site navigation development process by providing you with a comprehensive set of visual design tools and features.

  • Q-ImageUploader Pro  1771)   Q-ImageUploader Pro 1.043
    Q-ImageUploader Pro creates fast photo and image uploaders based on Flash. You need it, if you want to equip your site with the ability of bulk photo uploading.

  • EMS SQL Management Studio for Oracle  1772)   EMS SQL Management Studio for Oracle 1.2
    EMS SQL Management Studio for Oracle is a complete solution for database administration and development. SQL Studio unites the must-have tools in one powerful and easy-to-use environment that will make you more productive than ever before!

  • securitydownload1  1773)   securitydownload1 1.1
    use of free software and protect your downloads Download Page Protector provides very simple protection from this problem by automatically inserting a special "robots meta-tag" in your download page.

  • MoreMotion Advanced Suite  1774)   MoreMotion Advanced Suite 3
    MoreMotion Advanced Suite is a rapid Web appication development tool equipped with numerous unique features for fast development of professional web applications that uses XML technology most often without having to write a single line of code.

  • TurboEditor  1775)   TurboEditor 1.20.156
    TurboEditor is a powerful Windows editor program for web coders and programmers. It supports 12 predefined language/script types with extensibility. Features enhanced HTML support and offers many advanced features.

  • WaterFall Screensaver  1776)   WaterFall Screensaver 1
    Gallery of waterfall pictures with beautiful images of waterfalls in different seasons.

  • Creative DW Tabbed Menu  1778)   Creative DW Tabbed Menu 1.0.0
    Tabbed menu extension for Dreamweaver that improves your site’s search engine optimization. The menus are SEO Friendly, 100% customizable and it comes with over 30 customizable built in skins and more than 35 menu and button effects.

  • Creative FL Tabbed Menu  1779)   Creative FL Tabbed Menu 1.0.0
    The menus can be customized to suit the design (easy stilling and skinning - almost everything can be customized), and it comes with over 30 customizable built in skins and more than 35 menu and button effects. It has a flash-like user interface ...

  • Japplis Website Optimizer Lite  1781)   Japplis Website Optimizer Lite 1.0
    Optimize your HTML pages for free. Compress web pages by more than half. Add height, width and alt attribute to the images if missing.

  • Adivo TechWriter for Websites  1783)   Adivo TechWriter for Websites 2009
    Document your Website like a Pro! Adivo TechWriter for Websites is the fast and easy way to generate accurate and professional looking documentation for websites.

  • SWF.max Flash Tools  1784)   SWF.max Flash Tools 1.6.860
    Open Flash files Full Screen. Export thumbnails of any SWF movies in a folder. Set image size or quality. Write info (frame size, duration, etc.) to XML. Launch any program after finished. Automate with scripting. Extract images and sounds

  • EA Flash Upload  1785)   EA Flash Upload 1.0
    Client-side flash based files upload control that allows upload multiple file at once without page reload. It has three different type of user interface and many features for graphics style customization.

  • Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 2.1  1788)   Yaldex Colored ScrollBars 2.1 2.1
    Yaldex Colored ScrollBars is cool and powerful tool that creates CSS Style definitions and JavaScript code for amazing animated scrollbars needed to add colored scrollbars on your web pages.

  • FastReport Server  1789)   FastReport Server 2.3
    FastReport Server is a powerful enterprise reporting solution for creating, managing, and delivering reports. Designed for use on a single server, FastReport Server is the ideal small-scale report-delivery solution for all size businesses.

  • ZapitSMS for MAC  1791)   ZapitSMS for MAC 1.0
    ZapitSMS for MAC is an easy to use 2-Way SMS text messaging widget for Apple Macintosh. Combined with a powerful multi-user account management system and online address book, ZapitSMS provides a convenient way to send and receive SMS text messages.

  • J4L FOP Server  1793)   J4L FOP Server 1.0
    Ready to use FOP Server for Windows. The Server uses Apache FOP as XSL-FO engine. It can be used from several programming languages, like .NET, Delphi and others. I can also work as Oracle APEX Print Server.

  • MS Exchange Recovery Tools  1794)   MS Exchange Recovery Tools 13.04.01
    Kernel for Exchange extracts Exchange mailbox folders from the corrupt EDB files. MS Exchange recovery tool even recovers deleted emails of the MS Exchange mailbox.

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